About Juice Pilates

Juice Pilates is a Pilates and personal training studio located on the first foor of The Cambridge Corner Studio, 4 Adkins Corner, Perne Road, near central Cambridge. The studio is owned and operated by Juice It Up! Ltd, company number 7743676. The studio is named after our favorite training and energetic word; Juice. Juice means to give your best effort, and make it really sensational. Squeezing the last bit of juice out of your training is what you do right before you feel knackered! We specialize in offering Reformer Pilates classes, as well as innovative and exceptional Personal Training sessions on the Reformer. Check out more about the Pilates Reformer if you're new to this type of exercise.

Our Reformer and Mat classes are for everybody and we have something for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned Pilates student or are new to Pilates, we would like to happily welcome you into our studio.

Pilates Studio At Juice, we aim to deliver a highly enjoyable experience with classes that fit your individual needs, as well as challenge you physically. If you already have a gym membership, consider adding Juice to your fitness regime. Our sessions are a wonderful compliment to your current routine and will also add spice to your life.

If you have been contemplating starting a new training routine and are uncomfortable in a gym atmosphere, Juice Pilates is ideal for you. Our studio has 6 Reformers, meaning there cannot be more than 6 people in a Reformer class at a time. Yoga, mat Pilates, and boot camp classes fit 12 people comfortably into the studio space. Juice may be just what you are looking for to substitute a gym membership.

Alice is also available for private training. Group classes are fun and challenging but you and the instructor are not 1-2-1. Schedule a Private Training session with Alice to help rock your mind and body! Private training on the Reformer will tone your muscles, enhance your core strength and help you accomplish your goals whether they are purely physical or therapeutic and wellness related.

Please feel free to call Juice Pilates at 07790 335 892, E-mail Alice@JuicePilates.com, or drop by the studio at The Cambridge Corner Studio, 4 Adkins Corner, Perne Road, Cambridge.

Yoga and Pilates iPhone Application

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