Juice Camp - A Boot Camp For Women

This 4 week boot camp will help get you toned and feeling fabulous. This isn't like your typical boot camp, we will fuse the magic of the reformer machine with heart pulsing mat-based exercises to burn fat. We will also build lean muscle with resistance training and keep you encouraged throughout the session with motivational instruction and music.

Evening Camp: Every Tuesday from 8:15 - 9:00 pm & Saturday from 11:00 - 11:45 am
£59 for 8 classes over 4 weeks
Keep checking the website and Facebook page for updates on the next Boot Camp

A Juicey sneak peek of what you can expect:fitness collage

Jump Board
Inner Thigh Ring of Fire
Push Ups
Mountain Climbers
Squat Jumps
Sumo Squats
Plank Holds
Side Plan Holds
Sit Ups
V-Sit Ups
Tricep Dips

Getting fit should be fun and push you to live your life more fully. Let's get started!

Juicecamp FAQ's:

What will I get out of Juice Boot Camp?
At Juicecamp our number ONE priority is safety. Our trainer will always give you the proper way to complete the exercise/drill with the confidence you will need to be safe. You will also get a training session that is full of creative exercise to keep your body using as many muscle groups as possible and NOT overtraining the large muscle groups.A whole body workout. Often times at the gym we train our bodies segmentally, at Juice Camp you will use the body as an energetic whole to train. This means drawing awareness to the areas that tend to go unnoticed when exercising alone. Cardiovascular workout as well as strengthening and toning. You will definitely get your heart rate up and sweat as well as use your own body weight as resistance to strengthen and tone your arms, legs, abs, and booty!

Why should I still come?
Because our trainer will not fail you, you will be pushed just a little bit more than you would do on your own and that little push will not only make stronger physically, but mentally.

I'm really unfit, will Juice Camp be too hard?
Nothing is ever too hard if you work from your ability, which is precisely what we want you to do! The brilliant thing about Juicecamp is that all fitness levels are welcome. Everyone at Juice Camp will be at their own level and we recognize and honor that. Juice Camp is all about what you put in and if you are worried about your ability remember that no one is here to judge you. All that we ask for and all that you can ask for yourself is to put in your best effort and if you do that you will shine, sparkle and THRIVE more than you know.

I love the gym, will I like Juice Camp?
If you love the gym then you must like being active! If you can move without a machine then of course you will like Juice Camp!

Will I be sore?
Most likely yes. Your soreness may range in its intensity, and you will hopefully be sore in places you didn't know could get sore!

What should I bring?
You should bring a water bottle, towel and an attitude to work hard and give your best effort!

E-Mail Alice or call 07790 335 892 to sign up!