Frequently Asked Questions

How is reformer Pilates different from mat Pilates? Go to Top
Reformer Pilates is machine based Pilates.  Please see About The Reformer to learn more about its structure.  In mat Pilates, Pilates is done on the floor with a mat.  The series of exercises involve using ones own body weight.  Some of the exercises deployed in mat Pilates are also performed with the Reformer.  For example, the "Hundred" is done in both mat and Reformer Pilates.  However, there are also exercises that can be done on the Reformer that cannot be done on the mat.  For example, Feet in Straps is an exercise only designed for Reformer Pilates.

Can I increase my strength with the reformer?Go to Top
Yes, the Reformer uses spring resistance.  Resistance training is a great way to increase strength as it challenges muscles to contract against a force.  Please note that the Reformer is not a weight lifting machine and it will not build muscle mass.    

What should I wear?Go to Top
Please wear something that is comfortable and not excessively baggy.  When baggy clothes are worn it is difficult to see body positioning.  It is important for your instructor to be able to see your body position in order to optimize the effectiveness of the exercises and improve posture for the participant. 

Is there a locker room?Go to Top
No. However, our studio has two water closet’s that are suitable for changing. If you are unable to come to class in your workout attire you may use these spaces for changing. Within the studio we have space (that is within your view) to store your belongings.

I have injuries, what can I do?Go to Top
All injuries should be verbalized to the instructor before your first session.  It is always best to schedule private sessions for individuals who are seriously injured, or who are recovering from a serious injury.  With that being said, clients with mild injuries/ailments are okay to participate in group sessions.  It is still necessary to inform the instructor of any such incidences as they occur.  All clients will sign also sign a liability waiver prior to their first class.

How will Pilates affect my health?Go to Top
Reformer and mat Pilates will affect your health in positive ways. The benefits of Pilates as stated by STOTT PILATES® include:
Longer, Leaner Muscles
Core Strength and Stability
Injury Prevention
Relief From Stress and Back Pain
Better Posture
Improved Balance and Coordination
Enhanced Athletic Performance
Effective Post-Rehabilitation
Heightened Mind-Body Awareness
Increased Self-Confidence

How many times a week should I come?Go to Top
If you would like to experience maximum results we recommend coming two to three times a week. We realize that this may not be possible for everyone. If you are a beginner, once a week may be perfect for you. The number of times that you come per week will vary according to your goals, available time, and physical activity outside of Pilates and Yoga.

I’m not comfortable in a busy gym, what is the studio like?Go to Top
Juice Pilates Studio is a quiet yet lively space. Each Reformer Pilates class has a maximum of 6 people, while the Mat classes have a maximum of 15 people. All of our classes are created to give you maximum benefits without having to step foot inside of a gym. We understand that going to a gym or starting a new exercise regime may be intimidating. If you are new to physical activity, Juice is a great place to start. Our instructors are qualified and will give you the individual attention that you need. On the other hand, if you are an active gym member and are looking to change or add to your current training routine, Juice can be that change you need.

Is Pilates only for women?Go to Top
Many men think that Pilates is only for women. This is certainly not true. For men that are used to weight training, we recommend Reformer classes. The Reformer uses spring resistance. Men will find resistance based Pilates fulfilling and challenging. Men will expect to challenge their core muscles deeply and increase flexibility. In addition to focusing on the whole body, men can expect to place more attention on their upper body and chest. We would also like to note that Pilates is an appropriate exercise choice for teenagers, young adults and seniors as well. We work with all different ages from the young to the young at heart.

Is Pilates for athletes?Go to Top
Absolutely. Pilates is suitable for all athletes and can use sport specific exercises to increase performance. If athlete and is looking to increase performance, group sessions may be suitable, however, private sessions will promote the extra attention one needs to amplify their performance. We welcome all athletes, from football players to dancers.

Can I get a hard work out with Reformer Pilates?Go to Top
Yes! We guarantee safe and challenging sessions. Because the Reformer is so adaptive, we use it to focus on certain areas of the body while incorporating full body movements that are linked to your breath. Expect to work muscles deeply and feel the whole body trained in a new way. At Juice, we aim to shock muscles and keep exercise fresh without risking injury.