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Please note that in all of our classes (including specialty classes) we focus on the whole body.  We utilize dynamic movement planes to increase the health of your spine, and limit repetitive movements in a single direction. Check out Juice's online class schedule where all reservations are done. You can also click on the individual links within each class description to view those specific classes in our schedule, enjoy! As always, your first class is half price!

Reformer Pilates Classes

Reformer Circuits 
Cardio meets spontaneous resistance. We will use all 6 reformers for 6 different toning exercises combined with cardio in between to keep your heart rate elevated. This class incorporates the popular elements of a boot camp while maintaining the integrity of Reformer Pilates exercises to give all your body's muscles a good burn! View Reformer Circuits class schedule
Arms & Abs 
In this reformer class we will focus on the arms and abs!  This includes shoulders, biceps, triceps and all of the abdominal muscles.  Some leg work will be included but come ready to sculpt your arms and define your abs! View Arms & Abs class schedule
LBT stands for legs, bums and tums! This is exactly the areas we will be focusing on in LBT. We fuse a multitude of creative exercise to move your legs in new ways. In this class you will sculpt your legs, firm your bum and tone your abs. You will "feel the burn" here!View LBT class schedule

Body Tone  
In this reformer class we will focus on lower spring resistance and higher repetitions to sculpt the body.  Expect to exercise the entire physique from head to toe!  This class is perfect for toning the arms, abs, legs and shoulders! View Body Tone class schedule

In this class we will focus on the classic pilates reformer exercises. This class is perfect for the traditional pilates student who enjoys advancing their skills and building upon exercises. View Classic class schedule

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