Fitness For Women

Cambridge Juice Pilates and Yoga is the perfect oasis for women looking to tone up and get some personal attention during their training session.  We are not a gym but we still focus on giving you a total body workout.  Many women find gyms uncomfortable and confusing.  Have you ever been to a gym and thought to yourself, "Where do I start?"  At Juice, you will feel confident and comfortable with using our equipment.  We now offer a boot camp specifically for women. We want you to be successful and achieve all of your goals in the studio and all of your dreams outside of the studio!

Juice Girls If you are a woman looking for a peaceful setting, a challenging workout, new body awareness, increased muscle tone and definition, and overall increased daily vigor and energy then Juice is the place for you.  You will benefit from: a comfortable surrounding with like-minded women, certified instructors, creative movements, individual attention and new freedom in your body.  You can also create a stronger core, increase flexibility, tone your arms and legs and improve your posture.

There are many reasons to exercise at Juice Pilates and Yoga.  You can getaway from your busy life at work, tone your arms, legs and abs for the summer, meet new friends, increase self-esteem, have an excuse to buy new clothes, love life a little bit more, do physical movements you never thought were possible!  It's never too late to try something new and its never too late to start exercising!

At Juice, we believe that our specialized reformer classes should be suited to the ability of the class.  There is no one size fits all theory and we make the exercises work for you.  The reformer classes are designed to challenge you.  We believe in working hard to achieve your goals.  In fact, we think that Juice Pilates and Yoga is the best kept secret in Cambridge right now for fitness and toning the body.  Come try a class for yourself and see what the hard working, goal-achieving, fun-loving women at Juice Pilates and Yoga have already discovered... a true haven for women's fitness, health, and well-being.