Cambridge Yoga Classes

Juice offers a heart oriented and playful yoga class suitable for mixed levels.  In this class we will pay particular attention to the Universal Principles of Alignment to ensure balanced action and ultimate freedom. Yoga mats are provided at the studio but please feel free to bring your own if you'd like. Hatha yoga is practiced to increase the joy in one's life. Please join us for this yoga class which is created with love and an attitude of gratitude.  

Reasons To Practice Yoga
- Increase joy
- Re-connect with your Self
- Become more flexible (on and off the mat)
- Be apart of a community of like-minded, like-hearted people
- Align with Nature
- Increase awareness
- Tap in to your unlimited potential
- Sleep better

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Anusara Yoga - Open to Grace

Yoga & The Universal Principles of Alignment™

The Universal Principles of Alignment™ are a brilliant and detailed set of alignment principles. They were created from a breadth of knowledge, experience, and connection to the Universal by the founder of Anusara Yoga, John Friend.

The Universal Principles of Alignment™ are applied to each asana to find a place of balanced action. The UPAs consist of: Setting the Foundation and Open to Grace, Muscular Energy, Inner Spiral, Outer Spiral, and Organic Energy.

Setting the Foundation and Opening to Grace is the first Universal Principle of Alignment™. This first principle sets the foundation of the pose physically and establishes the yogi's intention during the practice. It is both the physical and the Universal beginning.

Muscular Energy hugs the muscles to the bones and integrates the outer body to the bright inner body which was created from Opening to Grace. This energy also draws the limbs into the midline of the body and draws energy from the fingers and toes into the focal point of the pose.

Inner Spiral is an ever-expanding spiral that begins in the feet and moves through the pelvis and into the waistline. This action causes the groins to hollow and moves the sitting bones back and apart. It creates space and freedom in the upper inner thighs.

Outer Spiral is an ever-narrowing spiral that moves in the opposite direction of the Inner Spiral. It starts from the waistline and moves down to the feet. Outer Spiral scoops the tailbone and tones the low belly. As a result of Outer Spiral the sitting bones move toward one another and forward. This action balances the previous UPA Inner Spiral.

Organic Energy makes the pose sing. It shines out three dimensionally and lengthens and extends the muscles through the core lines of the body. This action balances the Muscular Energy. Organic Energy brings a radiance and fullness to the pose.

The Universal Principles of Alignment™ are a reflection of the pulsation of life. The UPAs start with a "Yes" and expansion with Opening to Grace. Then there is a contraction with Muscular Energy, followed by another expansion with Inner Spiral, and a contraction with Outer Spiral, and finishing with an expansion there is the Organic Energy. The Universal Principles of Alignment™ can be applied to all physical positions, learn to use these principles in your everyday life!

Cambridge Yoga Class Prices

Single Class ....................... £8
5 Classes .......................... £35
10 Classes ......................... £60
30 Days Unlimited ................ £120*

*Monthly Unlimited includes Reformer Pilates classes as well as Yoga classes but does not include Floating classes or private sessions. Monthly Unlimited is best suited for individuals who train 3 or more times per week. You can purchase 30 days unlimitedin our online store under Online Store --> Packages or by clicking here.